Who Should Buy and Read This Book?

We’re all human beings. We all face grief and loss. In a very real way the stories in Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two are for everyone. Still, there are certain categories of people who might find it especially helpful and illuminating:

  • Anyone who has lost a child, parent, spouse, friend, or pet
  • Caregivers and others who are struggling with “anticipatory grief”
  • People facing terminal illnesses and serious health problems
  • Anyone who has recently experienced severe trauma
  • Spiritual organizations and the people they serve
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices and the physicians, nurses, and others who work with them
  • Funeral homes that celebrate life and provide therapeutic and social networking assistance to those who deal with loss
  • Psychologists and therapists who work with the terminally ill and grieving
  • Senior citizens dealing with life and death issues
  • Anyone seeking reassurance that the soul and love live on
  • Individuals wishing to develop intuitively
  • Anyone and everyone who wants to create a balanced and harmonious life

If you or your organization would like to purchase this book in larger numbers, bulk pricing is available. Please contact Susan at Matters of the Soul, 215-321-0632.